Meet Your Instructor

From an early age Vickie was aware of the subtle energies that surround us all. She was a psychic child who was interested in all forms of creative expression.

Later in life she would come to realize the strong correlation between creativity and spirituality, as both are an expression of source energy.

As a creator of divination decks, Vickie has long been combining art with spirituality.

Now she's bringing her unique blend of creativity and spiritual growth to you!

Through her gentle and easy going manner, she guides you step by step, while igniting your creative expression along the way.

"Her courses are easy to follow, yet powerfully deep and enlightening."

"You never cease to amaze me Vickie!! The information you bring in is definitely MANY LAYERED and multidimensional and most importantly, you make it FUN! Many thanks for these gifts!"

"You are a gifted person, so many talents and such creativity!"  

"thank you for your creativity and uniqueness in this world"

"Thank you so much for creating something that, for me, is priceless!"

"I love hanging out with V! She is such a gentle, creative soul"

"Your truly a very blessed and artistic soul"